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NASH Pol Green Platinum Flash<br />Kryptek Altitude Frame
NASH Pol Green Platinum Flash<br />Kryptek Altitude Frame
NASH Pol Green Platinum Flash<br />Kryptek Altitude Frame
NASH Pol Green Platinum Flash<br />Kryptek Altitude Frame
NASH Pol Green Platinum Flash<br />Kryptek Altitude Frame
NASH Pol Green Platinum Flash<br />Kryptek Altitude Frame
The polarized lens provides the user with a better vision and allows the eyes to feel more comfortable and well rested. Most users will find polarized lenses immensely helpful in improving the clarity and quality of their daytime vision.  Polarized Wiley X lenses reduce glare and the special material and filter makes it easier to see into the water and therefore also makes it ideal to watersports.

The Wiley X Filter 8™ Polarized Platinum Flash (Green) polycarbonate lenses offers the multi-coat Z-Oxide mirror over smoke green lens which provides maximum glare reduction without distorting colors. Great for general daytime use. The WX polarized lenses provides 100% UV protection and is coated with hydrophobic and anti-reflective coating protected by the T-Shell™ scratch resistant layers.

The WX Nash with Kryptek camo is unlike traditional stick and leaf camouflage, designed with incorporates micro and macro layering inspired by artillery camouflage netting. This creates a 3D appearance on a 2D surface and near-invisibility. Using laser-retinal-tracking it is proven that it took subjects longer to locate people wearing Kryptek camouflage than any other. Together the pattern and the shape of the style results in a cool eyewear for the outdoor life with great durability.
The WX curved temple system provides you with a secure and comfort feeling that allows you to move fast and quickly without compromise the safety the eyewear provide.    

Winner of best new eyewear

Wiley X made it two out of two in the Best New Product Awards at European fishing tackle trade show EFTTEX, when it picked up Best New Eyewear prize at the 2018 edition. It was only the second time in the company’s history that it has entered the awards, and its brand-new Active style WX Nash polarized sunglasses, featuring the new Kryptek® Altitude™ camouflage came out on top.

Last year Wiley X won the same award with the very popular WX Boss Climate Control sunglass, featuring new Kryptek® Highlander® camouflage.

This new-look WX Nash is available with a platinum flash mirror and smoke green lenses, which brings the eyewear alive and highlights the weed bed underneath you in the water, helping you catch more fish. The sunglasses 13% light transmission delivers maximum glare reduction without distorting colours, significally reducing eye fatigue. This model also features Wiley X’s advanced Filter 8 polarization, for superior glare-cutting performance that helps anglers ‘read’ the water. The WX Nash also embodies a rugged, yet lightweight Kryptek® Altitude™ camouflage frame that wraps around the face for excellent coverage and optimal field of view, further enhancing its optical prowess.
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NASH Pol Green Platinum Flash
Kryptek Altitude Frame

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Artikelnummer: ACNAS12
COATINGSHard CoatingHydroAnti Reflective
GLASFARBEPolarized Platinum Flash Smoke Green
RAHMENFARBEKryptek® AltitudeTM
KOPFGRÖSSEMedium - Large
Über Wiley X

Seit drei Jahrzehnten ist Wiley X ein stolzes Familienunternehmen, dass von einem US-Veteran gegründet wurde. Als ein Unternehmen an der Weltspitze für optische Technologien, besteht Wiley X heute noch, weil es erkannt, dass heutige Lebensstile eine konstante Bedrohung für die Gesundheit der Augen darstellen. Wiley X-Produkte werden strengen Tests unterzogen um als EN.166 und ANSI Z87.1 bewertet zu sein. Wiley X ist der einzige Premium-Performance Sonnenbrillenhersteller, dessen gesamte Produktlinie dem Sicherheitsstandart ANSI entspricht. Desweiteren verfügt das Tactical Sortiment von Wiley X über die strengen ballistischen Zertifizierungen des Militärs.

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